"And I will show..signs in the earth beneath;" Acts 2:19

"If the land is too flat you cannot see what the Gods have been telling us unless you go to a nearby mountain (to have a good vantage point from which to view the design). They don't destroy the plants. They bend them so that after a time the plant can recover ' they don't want to destroy. This is why those men who say that these are all forgeries are wrong. How can somebody fake something like this without damaging the plants? You can't! It also takes those who try it many, many hours to do so. This is not the way the Gods make Izishoze."

Crop Circles

The phenomenon of the appearance of modern day crop circles throughout many countries has been an intriguing one, one which has elicited varying opinions on both their origin and meaning.

Some observations of Traditional Native American artist Rod Bearcloud Berry and Credo Mutwa, spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa follow:

"Rod Bearcloud Berry has been painting since he was twelve years old. His spiritual art has evolved over the years as he followed the traditional Native American ways of his ancestors...

"As a Native American artist of the Ni-U-kon-ska nation, a word meaning "Children of the Middle Waters," he continues to paint the stories that he believes are important to people and the Earth Mother at this time. He suggests the earth and its people are trying to awaken a nature of spirit long forgotten. He believes we are trying to understand our true connections with the Earth, Sky, Universe, the Great Mystery; these higher powers to which all are connected:

"Spirits Touching

She gives to the people the sacred bundle,
that they may know their
connection to the Great Spirit,
and the Great Spirit would
be touching and they would
know their connection to the universe."


"Since 1997, Bearcloud has been involved with the phenomenon that has become known as crop circles. He believes many of them to be highly evolved sacred symbols. He is able to understand a great deal of these symbols because they reflect Native American spirituality. They are an inherent part of the native ways. They are universal symbols that are understood because of their overlapping similar qualities. He says that all indigenous nations have symbols like these in common; each nation being on a completely different path but with similar understandings.

"Bearcloud says that in looking back at many of the Crop Circle starglyphs, it is obvious that whoever has created many of them, comes from a highly advanced order of Universal understanding and consciousness. Many of the symbols carry unique expressions that we do not really possess as symbols in our archives, but they can be understood.

"Bearcloud believes that true Star Glyphs have inspired some people to want to go out and create symbols in the fields for themselves. So many are man made, especially in these later years after the year 2000.

"His focus is on starglyphs that reach beyond the ordinary, into a highly complex series of hidden symbols, messages that truly stretch us to higher orders of understanding. They carry the pure nature of the Universe as sacred geometry.

"The crop circle research that he does has unlocked many of these Star Glyph meanings. Bearcloud explains that many of the symbols are mathematical in nature or intrinsically geometric. Geometry is the avenue by which the symbols are created for display. For example, some of them use fractal symbology. Such symbols are found in the Native American symbology, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and many other paths of spirit, as well as being mathematical formulas. However, many are unique and are only carried by one nation's way of spirit. For example, the origin of the yin and yang symbol is Chinese and will only be found there, but the truth that it reflects is also found in other symbols of the Native American way. Hindus and Buddhists also have their own symbols that reflect into Native American and other indigenous symbologies.

"Many of the symbols are only found in Native American symbolic languages. Many of the important starglyphs are individualized to what Bearcloud would consider an unknown nation, and although they are uniquely different, they can be understood...

"Bearcloud has come to call crop circles Starglyphs, and sees them as being created by the Star Nation people."


"His spiritual background and Native American blood guided him to listen to symbols that were appearing in the fields of England. He believes that these symbols are being gifted by beings of another world. He feels they have a concern for the people of earth and that the symbols for the most part, are highly evolved spiritual symbols. These symbols are dealing at levels of consciousness and spirit and connection that few people on earth know, or very few have ever realized."


Crop Circles in Africa
IZISHOZE ZAMATONGO - Credo Mutwa shares Africa's traditional knowledge about Crop Circles and related phenomena
by Andreas M'ller, 2006:

Crop Circles in Africa

"The world in which we live is more miraculous than we know. There are things which go on in our world about which we know nothing." Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

(...) At harvest time, we left some of our corn standing so that passing birds could share in the bounty of our fields and, by sharing, bless us and ensure us of plenty of food. Sometimes large fields of corn and millet were planted. These were sacred to the goddess and were offered to the vast armies of birds to eat. No human being could enter the sacred cornfield.

The sacred fields were ploughed far from the ordinary millet, maize and corn, as they were left unfenced. Over centuries, people had discovered that the star gods sometimes communicated with human beings through these sacred fields. Time and again, strange circular depressions were seen in the centre of these fields. These depressions were called 'Izishoze Zamatongo", the great circles of the gods.

These circles were an amazing sight to see. The gods never cut the stalks of corn or millet when they form these depressions. It appears as though a great circular, disk-shaped force has descended on the field. It pressed the corn firmly into the ground, without breaking the stalks or damaging the plants. Then the force appears to spin, resulting in the strange spiral appearance of the fallen stalks. Words cannot describe such a phenomenon, which I have seen more than thirty times in the course of my life as a traditional healer. Whenever a circle appeared in the fields, the people rushed to erect a fence of poles around the circle. They would dance and perform other sacred rituals honouring the star gods and the Earth Mother.

All the kings and chiefs awaited the arrival of these circles. The appearance would be cause for celebrations that lasted several days. These celebrations were accompanied by prayers to the gods to watch over the people and to talk to them through the sacred circles.(...) (MUTWA 1996, 23)

General Information
"What you call `Crop Circles' is the same that what the Zulu call 'Izishoze Zamatongo" and which means the designs or the writings of the Gods. We have known about them for more than 4000 years."

Author's note: In other parts of the world, recent research has also shown that the crop circle phenomenon is not a contemporary enigma but has probably always been with us. The oldest record of a European crop circle dates back to the year 1590 and was found documented in a French witch-trial case. (M'LLER / ANDERHUB 2005, 41). Much older reports of discoveries of flattened circular areas of crops and grass have also been found in European and North American folklore-tales, legends and myths (M'LLER 2001, 10).

These things are very funny... they don't like the miellies (maize / American corn). They appear on our millet, they appear on our sokka, these are two different kinds of crop. The crop circles like to appear on millet and all sorts of small grain plants. The Gods choose their kind of grain. They don't like the corn (maize) ' Why? 'Because with that grain you cannot make a good crop circle on it like you can on millet. So they choose these grains that are native to the country in which they appear. Corn is not native to Africa."

Author's note: This might deliver a clue to the question why there have been indeed so very few crop circles in corn/maize in England, Europe and other parts of the world, while a great part of the phenomenon in American countries like USA, Canada, Mexico etc. used just those fields for its canvas.

"If the land is too flat you cannot see what the Gods have been telling us unless you go to a nearby mountain (to have a good vantage point from which to view the design). They don't destroy the plants. They bend them so that after a time the plant can recover ' they don't want to destroy. This is why those men who say that these are all forgeries are wrong. How can somebody fake something like this without damaging the plants? You can't! It also takes those who try it many, many hours to do so. This is not the way the Gods make Izishoze."

What is the Meaning?

"These things they happen to pass important messages to the people through the crops. The Izishoze happen to appear many times when our people are planting the African crop that they called mabele - or sorghum in English. The Gods used to flatten the plants and not to break them. So that after a time when the people have read the message, the plants would stand up again and grow."

"I have always wanted to have a farm of my own. To watch out for the writings of the Gods because this is intelligence very, very big and whatever these powerful beings are telling us even means that our minds are to stupid to understand.

Our modern minds have been corrupted by western civilisation that is refusing to believe that things like the crop circles could be real and important. This is why we do not understand the simple messages anymore."

"The crop circles also tell us about the situation of the Sun. But why - you may ask ' is the Earth Mind telling us about the Sun? The crop circle phenomenon talks of a time of great activity of the sun. But why? Why does this great intelligence, this Mother Spirit, why does it tell us about this thing? When there is trouble in the sun ' then what happens to the human beings down here? When there is trouble in the sun there will be also trouble down on earth. And this is why the crop circles are appearing. They even tell us things that will happen in the future. They can also be warnings. For example if there is going to be a war ' the crop circles tell us."

African Crop Circle Traditions "In the old days, when the Gods put crop circles in our fields the people used to run quickly to take sticks and stones all around the design to mark it out. We wanted that the Gods should say again what they are telling us. This is therefore so that the crop circle does not die and that the Gods will then again respond with another crop circle nearby. This is why sometimes there will be a new crop circle next to an old one.

"This is how the African stone circle monuments came into existence. And this happened all over the worldwide as with Stonehenge, Avebury and the like. The Stonehenge monument you can see today, there used to be a crop circle there. This would have been regarded as a very holy thing so the ancient people marked it with earth, stones and wooden sticks. They are a sort of saying 'Thank you' to the intelligence that is behind. They were not built just for decoration. The ancient chiefs, kings and holy people were not fools. They were in tune with the Great Spirits of the earth. They were in tune with the mysteries of the world. They knew more that we give them credit for but they kept the knowledge away from us. Deciphering it in their temples. Therefore you can see so many similarities between the crop circles and ancient sacred art. This is no coincidence."

Author's note: The hypothesis that ancient stone circles and henges mark the locations of ancient crop circles, regarded by the people of that time as a sacred sign and therefore marked out as a future place of ceremonies, has also been considered by Western crop circle researchers, most notably by research pioneer Dr. Terence Meaden in his book 'The Stonehenge Solution" (MEADEN 1992, 62).

"This is one of the holy things. It is teaching us about the human mind. It also teaches us about the world-mind. We say the earth has got a brain and the brain passes knowledge to the people (through the sacred fields)."

"These crop circles are created by a power which is compassionate. The spirit who makes the crop circles guides human beings, it tells them important things that human beings are not aware of yet."

Author's note: Here (as well as with the above discussed idea that the 'natural message" of the circles is too simple for our complicate minds) Credo Mutwa agrees with other traditional and native representatives. Also the Aborigines people of Australia share this very same view. (DOUK 2000)

"Long time ago, when all my sacred items were given to me, I was told that we must always look out for those things, always because this is what the God Spirit - which is the mind of the earth - is telling us about important things about the universe...about what is going to happen."

"I remember that my grandmother used to say that we must show respect for the crop circles as well as we have to show our respect to the standing stones."

"The signs do prophesize. They tell us about the future. This is why Sangomas must plant millet because this is the plant the Gods prefer to speak through."

The Crop Circles in Africa

"If there is going to be a war ' the crop circles tell us. These things are warnings."

"They look similar to the English crop circles but sometimes also slightly different. In African crop circles you can sometimes see faces of animals with horns. There are sometimes four: one facing up, one down, one left and the fourth to the right."...

"But here in South Africa we can also see crop circles in the Sand. Near Cape Town there is a place called 'Cradock", a village, and a small town of white people. In Cradock there is no crop but even now you can see crop circles in the sand."

"In the Kalahari in Botswana you will see crop circles in the sand. Here the sand is blown away but some of them stay for weeks so that you can still see them long after but not as beautiful as on the millet. Also in Johannesburg where the mines are we find very white sand. This sand is very poisoned ' and here we used to see crop circles there ' especially after rain...very big ones."

"They also appear in the sand of the North African deserts, as for example in Egypt."

"We also find crop circles in the African grass or in the African savannah like in Kenya where there is a lot of good grass. If you want to see good crop circles ' go to Kenya. In Massai Mara were the animals run plenty, plenty. You will see circles in the grass there ' just as beautiful as these (pointing to the picture section of my book I brought to him a present)."

Related Phenomena

"Also our people have observed the crop circles in the making. This is when they have seen the lights, balls of light spinning in the air and on the ground. But then the people moved away because they don't want the Gods to get angry ' they hide in their houses while the Gods are finishing making their messages. These light-phenomena also happen in other places of great holiness."

Author's note: Also similar observations are known to be connected with crop circles worldwide. So-called 'Balls of Light", 'Orbs" or 'Luminosities" were seen by many crop circle enthusiasts over the years. The most spectacular event include even the forming of crop circles as some sort of interaction with the light-phenomena ' just as described by Credo Mutwa too.

"Try it one time if a crop circle is still new: Sit right in the centre of it and you will realize funny things. (If it is a genuine crop circle) you will feel as if your head will be pulled upwards and you will feel it to your heart by lying on the ground on your back you will see that your heart is beating strong against the breastbone. Try it."

"Cameras do also fail inside African crop circles as well, just as I heard it happens in English crop circles ...if the crop circle is still fresh."

Author's note: Very similar things to the ones described above are also known from crop circles in other countries and continents.

"Funny enough' crop circles' are not only made by crops. If you put a lot of cattle in your village and they are in a big place you will sometimes find animals forming strange circles and patterns as well."

Author's note: Without Credo Mutwa knowing, his strange tale of 'cattle circles" have indeed also been observed and documented in Europe. A satisfactory explanation is still awaited. (DAMERELL 2002)

Credo Mutwa About Hoaxing and Hoaxers "They (the Gods) don't destroy the plants. They bend them so that after a time the plant can recover ' they don't want to destroy. This is why those men who say that these are forgeries are wrong. How can somebody fake some thing like this without damaging the plants? You can't! It also takes those who try it many, many hours to do this"

"Everybody who is damaging the crops by faking crop circles is an enemy of the Earth Sprit! They are bloody mad. It is a sin."


Violet and Isabelle in the http://www.adishakti.org forum recently exchanged observations about crop circles, followed by Violet's recollection of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's comments in the mid-1990's about the origin of crop circles:


I've been interested in the crop circle phenomenon for years and I go to England every summer to have a look at them as they fascinate me. I saw my first "crop circle" as I was visiting Uffington White Horse in Wiltshire (a highly stylised prehistoric hill figure (3000 years old), 110 m long, cut into the turf of the upper slopes of White Horse Hill).


I wanted to see the White Horse as it reminded me of Shri Kalki's. And as I stood next to the White Horse, on top of the hill, I felt strong vibrations and smelled a strong scent of rose : I looked down and saw a huge stylised rose in the fields !!

You might have never heard of crop circles : these complex geometrical structures appear in the fields (wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn, etc...)every summer. Some of them also appear on ice or sand. They mostly appear near the ancient sacred sites of Europe (Stonehenge, Avebury... in England), but a lot of them also appear in America.

Dozens of people study the phenomenon; there is no certainty about anything. The sceptics say they are man-made, but they appear overnight, sometimes even during the day in a few minutes...Some chanellers who go and meditate in those circles have apparently made "contact" with luminous entities who declare they have helped mankind for millenia. These entities have helped the ancient civilizations (Mayas, Egyptians, Celts...)to erect pyramids and other monuments (stone circles for example) which acted as temples and places of connection between Earth and Cosmic energies. They say that today, they try to attract "modern free thinkers" to the ancient sites to reactivate the energies of those sites and interact with human beings.

They have announced that England being the heart chakra of Mother Earth, it is important that this chakra is cleansed so that the whole of mankind can evolve and awake!

What's amazing is one of the latest ones which appeared after the Guru Puja (on the 27th July) : (the circle is more than 200m diameter...) A woman carying a disk (sun, moon, Sahasrara ?...) above her head!! To have a better idea of the phenomenon and see bigger pictures you can visit:


.. i have also been interested in crop circles for a long time. Did you know that Shri Mataji talked about them? In the mid-1990's in Sydney, Australia - one day She told us that these crop circles were created by the kundalini energy, which She says had become activated in the earth, itself. i have also heard that some people are trying to debunk this kundalini energy phenomena, but they haven't been able to truly replicate it. There are certain signs, indicating it was faked: silly people! That is why you also would have felt this fantastic kundalini energy coming from the earth...


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Incarnation of the Holy Ghost and the White Buffalo Calf Woman of the Lakota tradition, come to give humanity their union with the Divine, [Sahaja Yoga] relates how the "Paramchaitanya..is working everything out..just to convince you about Sahaja Yoga":

"This is not the time when Christ came on this earth. This is the time where this 'Paramchaitanya' is gone into action, is activated, and is working everything out. Now, they asked me about Shri Ganesha - whether Shri Ganesha drank milk, or not. I said: "Anything is possible. These days this Paramchaitanya is doing such unbelievable things, all of which we cannot understand, so it's possible. I have never heard of Ganesha liking milk so much, but maybe for the little rat, he might be drinking." "Ah, say!" But why, for [what reason]? I said: "Let it be Shiwao, let him have the milk. Actually, we have too much milk production, so they must be wanting to consume some, but it's just a way of looking at things that you see, when everything is done by Paramchaitanya. That brings such wonderful things.

"I mean, I never asked them to do anything. But now, for example, in Brisbane when I was there, I was sleeping in the ashram and a rainbow appeared. Of course, I like paintings of Raphael very much, because he has drawn the mother's face and the child's face --- so exactly, expressing the feeling of the mother and the child. And imagine, that picture appears in the sky! And I didn't tell them to show that Raphael when I was sleeping. I was not going to look at it. But at this time, the hollow that was on the back side of Mary,comes upon her head. Raphael did it. I don't know --- how can I explain this Paramchaitanya that is doing all kinds of things?! And it does all this just to convince you about Sahaja Yoga, because even now, there are many who are supposed to be very rational, intelligent and educated, who don't want to accept it. After all, if there is something like that, how can you challenge it?! How can you say "no" to it?!

"Because the powers are unlimited, it has gone into every atom and every molecule. You [might]do tricks, like moving things from there to there. But what it (paramchaitanya/the vibrations surrounding us) does, is to do something which is absolutely impossible. It is doing so for us to believe that this activated Paramchaitanya is the only solution. So you leave it in this ocean [of Paramchaitanya] and let this great power handle all this. Don't react, yourself, as "It" is so efficient, so quick, so fast.... all over. So understand everything....that it loves you and respects you because you are Sahaja Yogis." ['you are "born of the Spirit" persons'].

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India
24 December, 1995

Violet expands on what she heard Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi say in Sydney:

In the mid-1990's, i heard Shri Mataji say at Sydney, Australia, that crop circles, for example, are a phenomenon that is happening through the activation of the kundalini energy within the earth itself. The activation of the kundalini energy within the earth itself, which we can see externally, is also happening within the human body ---- and Shri Mataji describes this activated kundalini energy like this: "Because the powers are unlimited, it has gone into every atom and every molecule".

So, for example, the kundalini energy is activated within the earth body and within our individual earth body, also. When the kundalini energy is awakened within us, She connects us to the all-pervading power, which does its living work within us. She clears and cleanses us; She informs us of our spiritual state, so that we can put our enlightened attention wherever we have a psychosomatic imbalance, usually due to our 'conditioning' or our 'ego'.The kundalini energy informs us of exactly where any problem in our psychosomatic (mind/body) system, a.k.a. the subtle system, may lie:


This is so that we can have the redemption of the body - so we can be wholly integrated as spiritual beings: "As within so without". The whole earth and nature itself are wanting us to become the Spirit. This is expressed in the verse:

"For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body." (Romans 8:22-23)

Even though the 'first fruits of the Spirit' were given by Christ at His time -the 'redemption of our body' in an en masse way, has not happened until the Advent of the Comforter, that Christ foretold would come. She has clarified and reminded us of all that Christ taught and more. Further, She has enabled our Spirit to rise through the Narrow Gate/Agnya where Christ resides to the kingdom of God/Sahasrara within, where all the deities take their seats. This kingdom of God/Sahasrara is not to be found outside, i.e., it can't be found in a church, synagogue, temple, or any other kind of external building. It is an internal building, a temple built without human hands: "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God?" (1 Corinthians 6:19a) "We have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens". (2 Corinthians 5:1b)


This is the Time of Rebirth in which ardent seekers are journeying to find the Truth. Crop circle researchers, for example, are trying to comprehend the larger significance of such remarkable spiritual 'signs of the earth beneath' as the Celtic Cross crop circle from Etchilhampton Hill:

"The new crop picture from Etchilhampton Hill {Celtic cross] shows clear Christian symbolism---"there will be signs on the Earth"---but also shows Mayan symbolism as well."

Harold Stryderight

"This surely is the pinnacle of designs. Celtic in design, a cross nonetheless will surely embrace faiths through out the world.. Yet another gift with another yet to come before the season ends, that I'm sure. "This might be of some interest, I was listening to some music last night and I just simply couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Sound track by ENIGMA - The Cross of Changes - Here are the simple lyrics: -

Andrew Pyke

"The Cross Of Changes"

If you understand or if you don't
If you believe or if you doubt
There's a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you."


Prophesied Sure Signs of Allah (SWT) will confirm Al-Qiyamah:

"We will show them Our signs in all the regions of the earth and in their own souls until they clearly see that this is the truth."

Qur'an 41.53
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, Amana Corporation, 1989.)


"And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath;" Bible - Acts 2:19

Bearcloud's painting and poem "Spirits Touching" [for me] clearly refer to White Buffalo Calf Woman, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, to Whose Advent all 'wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth below' are pointing, "just to convince you about Sahaja Yoga," in the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Even by virtue of the astonishing subject matter appearing recently within crop circles in England such as: Goddess, (8)infinity, Omkara, seven chakras, Celtic Cross, Quetzalcoatl, the Serpent Mound, Yin/Yang/Lao Tse - one of the ten Primordial Masters, it is profoundly indicative of the fact that the 'signs in the earth beneath' are trumpeting the Advent of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the promised Incarnation of the Holy Spirit, come to give the Birth of the Spirit to Her children in this time of the Last Judgment, Resurrection.

It is truly awe-inspiring to see how all things are coming together to REVEAL the Truth!

Some URLs to view crop circles:

http://temporarytemples.co.uk/imagelibrary/2007.html (all crop circles for 2007 in England)
http://temporarytemples.co.uk/imagelibrary/2007.html (check out #13 (Kundalini, the Holy Ghost) May 30, 2007 at Yatesbury Field, Wiltshire.
http://temporarytemples.co.uk/imagelibrary/2007.html (#31 on 07/07/07 (Omkara!!! with correct direction of the crop circle) at East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.
http://thecropcirclewebsite.50megs.com/page22.htm [has detailed information on this 'mystery' crop circle - Omkara, but the picture should should be reversed as shown in: http://temporarytemples.co.uk/imagelibrary/2007.html (#31 on 07/07/07 (Omkara!!! with correct direction of the crop circle) at East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.
http://temporarytemples.co.uk/imagelibrary/2007.html (#36 also on 07/07/07 (Yin/Yang, Taoism, Lao Tse - one of the ten Primordial Masters)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/080808/080808.html (number 8,infinity)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/Etchilhampton/Etchilhampton20 08a.html (Celtic Cross)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/honeystreet3/honeystreet2008c .html (Goddess)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007k.html (lots of info on several URLs!! seven chakras, Serpent Mound, Quetzalcoatl, heart)

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